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It has never been easier to integrate the cloud into your business. Our process is simple, first we register your domain or check that you have full administrative control over it, then we setup Google Apps for Business and finally we configure your Web Hosting.

Google Apps for Business

The next step of the process is to get your email, calendar and document sharing setup by configuring your domain for Google Apps for Business. This is where you will immediately notice the benefits of using cloud services. You will be able to access your email and calendar from anywhere on any device that you use. The document sharing features allow you to collaborate on document editing and see all the revisions that people are making.

Web Hosting

Depending on your requirements there are a variety of web hosting options available to help your business grow. Web hosting is one of the most popular cloud services offered because it allows your website to handle sudden increases in traffic to help meet the demand. Your website is the face of your business for the world to see – it is important that your website is online when your visitors arrive.

Domain Registration

First we need to check that you have the proper domain registered. If you have not already done so then we will register a domain name for you. If you already have a domain name registered then that is great! We will check that all of your domains are configured properly and that they are tracking visitor activity.

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