Delivering Measureable Results using Web Analytics.

Measure your Return on Investment using Web Analytics.

Find out if your online and offline marketing campaigns are working effectively by creating a data driven mindset within your organization. It essentially boils down to this, do more of what is working and less of what isn’t. Web analytics gives you the tools to discover what is working.

We begin by identifying your company goals and the key success factors that will help us measure those goals. Increase sales by tracking your conversion funnel – the steps a user must take before completing a transaction. Generate leads by A/B testing web copy and design elements – find out what combination works best for your business.

Our process of making changes, collecting data and analyzing results ensures that your web analytics engagement will be beneficial for your business objectives. Talk to an expert today to get started.

Website Tracking

Google Analytics is one of the many powerful free tools that Google provides to help you be successful online. We will help setup your account, tag all your pages, setup conversion goals and make sure you are collecting the data you need.

Once everything is working properly and there is data to analyze then you can begin to explore the possibilities. Customized dashboards and reports help you measure the results of the optimization efforts. The goal is the incrementally improve the website and use web analytics to verify that it is successful.

Website Optimization

One of the other free web analytics tools that Google provides is called Google Website Optimizer. We believe that you should always be testing so that you are constantly improving your website and this is a great tool to help with the job.

Our online marketing campaigns can help you get more traffic to your website but it is website optimization that helps you maximize your return on investment. Say for example you have 100 visitors to your website every day and 2 of them contact you requesting a proposal. If you want to double your leads you have two options – increase your budget, or improve your conversion rate. Incremental improvements over time lead to tremendous results.

Website Conversion

Careful analysis of web analytics data can often lead to hidden jewels for website conversion. These are keyword phrases that convert very well for your business goals but are not as competitive as the more popular terms. We will help you exploit these opportunities by setting up conversion funnels and monitoring user click through paths – the path people take to complete goals on your website.

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