Internet Marketing for Local Businesses

Get customer reviews. Be found on maps. Claim your profiles.

Before there was internet marketing it used to be simple to advertise locally, just purchase an ad in the local phone book and start your business with the letter “A” so that you appear near the front of your section. It is not much different than that now, only there are more options than just a full page, or half page.

Your local internet marketing strategy is effective when you engage with your audience online. That means getting reviews, replying to reviews, uploading photos, publishing driving directions and store hours, and generally engaging with your customers on the local websites they use.

Customer Reviews are Good for Business

A lot of people are worried about getting customer reviews. What if they say something bad, what if it is harmful to your reputation? The truth of it is, your customers are most likely already talking about you online anyway. Your job is to read what they are saying and determine if it’s a legitimate gripe or just a competitor badmouthing you. If it’s legitimate then it’s better to learn the lesson, fix the problem and improve your business. If it’s a fake then there are often ways to dispute the offensive review and manage your online reputation.

We have found in the long run that reading customer reviews, answering their questions and being available to help generates very positive results.

Does it have the right number?

It’s important that you take charge of your local internet marketing strategy and manage your company profiles across the web. Stake your claim online, setup profiles and be sure that all your contact information is accurate. As long as the website have the correct name, address and phone number then you know your customers will be able to find you.

Make it Easy to Buy from you!

Nothing is more frustrating than trekking across the city while you are running errands to find out that the store closes early on Tuesday. Do your customers a favour and publish your store hours online. Many local internet marketing directories include this feature and it is important to make sure that you keep it up-to-date and accurate.

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