Social Media Strategy for Business

Reach beyond Search and enjoy the benefits of Social Media

You can acquire new customers, strengthen your brand and connect with the community by using social media websites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN and Twitter.

Social media is an interactive medium for sharing conversations between your customers, other organizations and your community. The conversation happens at home or on mobile devices, it consists of text, pictures and video. The reason that you need a social media strategy is so that you reach new people; get real-time feedback about your business and ultimately grow your business.

Facebook Pages

We will help you setup a Facebook Page for your business, complete your profile and start adding content.

When people use Facebook they want to stay on Facebook. By setting up your brand pages within the Facebook ecosystem you are engaging your customers where they hang out. Sure, include a link to your website, but understand that it’s what you do on Facebook itself that will help you engage with people.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads help you promote your brand, attract attention to your Facebook Page and promote your company message. Facebook has great demographic profiles that allow you to target your audience very specifically.

We recommend that after you have optimized your Facebook Page then you promote relevant content and share coupons using Facebook Ads.

Facebook Apps

We can also help you plan, design and develop a customized Facebook App to take your social media strategy to then next level. This is a great to option if you are looking for something more than a business page.

Google+ for Business

Host a hangout, connect with people or just explore. Google+ is a great way to network with people in your field of work and your customers. It can also benefit your local SEO by having an active business page on Google+.


This has become the dominant tool used by HR departments around the world to find and recruit great talent. Setting up a business profile in LinkedIN is another important element of your social media strategy.

Even if you are not looking to hire new people, LinkedIN groups are a great way to discuss relevant topics, find out about local events and network with likeminded people.


Tweet your latest news, announce upcoming events or participate in trending conversations. Tweets are messages that are 140 characters or less. Mostly it is fun but it can also be challenging to figure out a way to properly express your opinion with very few words.

Even if you are not joining the conversation it is good to read what people are saying about you. This is not the same as reviews or testimonials. If you are timely with your responses on Twitter and are genuinely interested in helping then you may fix a problem before it becomes a bad review. This is a proactive approach to making sure that your customers are and remain happy.

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